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ACBT has experienced and qualified staff that strive for excellence in education and facilitate the best learning for all students enrolled at our institute. The ACBT staff help students achieve their goals and help in pursuing an academic pathway of their choosing.

We provide our students with the finest facilities that assist them with their learning, encouraging students to strive and achieve their personal best.

Our trainer and assessors are current and have years of professional experience in their respective industries, allowing our students to have confidence that they will be provided with current, accurate and reliable information.

From the launch of our college in 2012, we have provided over 500 students with the knowledge and skills to allow them to successfully work in the real estate industry through complete our Certificate of Registration in Real Estate training program.

Our training programs contain the extensive knowledge and skills our students require to excel in there chosen industries.

Why Choose Australian College of Business and Training (ACBT)?

ACBT is a leading college which is yet to flourish. It has an aim to provide the best education, training and assessment services while delivering education programs and provide educational courses that match the high standards of this college and the fast pace society we live in.

The distinctive competency of ACBT is based upon:

A Location
ACBT is in close proximity to all facilities: public transport, doctors, hospital, dentist, entertainment centers, parks, restaurant, government offices, business houses and job opportunities.
A Technology
ACBT plans to access high-grade computers and software to enable students to access to the Internet and research information where required.
A Personell
All ACBT training staff will have extensive industry experience in their respective areas of training and they will hold appropriate vocational and training and assessment qualifications.
A Student Support
ACBT will provide special support for all participants who may require them, including special adjustments in the training, assessments and learning and numeracy support.
A Strong relationships with education agents
ACBT will develop mentoring and highly supportive relationship with its marketing agents.
A Cost-value ratios
ACBT will aim to exceed its service value vis-A -vis its service price and build its competitive strength on perceived a reasonably priceda image in the market.
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Unique Student Identifier (USI)

As from 1st January 2015, participants, wishing to graduate from a Vocational Education and Training course (a VET Course) are required to obtain a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

As from 1st January 2015, a RTO cannot issue a qualification to a participant unless that participant provides the RTO with their USI. The USI will allow the Government to permanently record the awarding of this qualification to the individual.

For any further information, please visit the USI website at

PLEASE NOTE: The USI System checks for duplicate entries and will report any suspected duplicates. Any USI provided to use by a participant will need to be verified as being accurate. To achieve this, our staff will visit the USI website

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Community Life


By attending ACBT events, our students can acquire continuing professional development hours and gain valuable skills to further their knowledge and gain insight into the core matters affecting real estate agents daily.


By readingACBTblogs, you can acquire valuable insights to further your knowledge regarding the fundamental matters affecting real estate agents daily. These blogs also feature information on how to improve employability skills regarding real estate.


ACBTpublications have featured in a range of local and international newspapers. These publications provide an overview of the Australian real estate market and provide tips to new agents on how to get into the real estate market.