CPD Points

What are CPD Points?

Continuing professional development (CPD) points require involvement in any relevant learning activity both formal (structured) and informal (self-directed) activities. The points are allocated on the basis of one point for every hour of involvement. A limit may be applied in some cases (generally in informal activities such as reading) where the number of points that can be allocated to a single activity is limited. Although limits are generally applied to informal CPD activities some formal CPD activities may also have limits.

The Aim of CPD points is to ensure an individual is continuously gaining the skills and knowledge they require to be competent in their respective field by taking part in relevant activities. CPD activities help maintain existing knowledge or allow individuals to learn what is new, staying ahead of their profession.

What we provide?

We provide CPD point course for Real estate agents. As a real estate agent, an individual is required to take part and complete 12 CPD points each year, to gain competency. ACBT provides a broad range of CPD programs to allow you to decide what method works best for you and allows you to gain most from it.

These include:
- Property Management


Property Management is a detrimental aspect of the real estate industry. Many individuals who complete the Certificate of Registration in Real Estate begin with property management to allow them to familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations of the real estate industry. In this module, you will explore a range of topics relevant to property management, including:

  • Maintaining a key register
  • Knowledge and skills required by a property manager
  • Inspections procedure
  • Agency Agreements
  • Advertising a listing

Assessment layout:

The Property Management assessment consists of a set of ten (10) multiple choice questions to test the knowledge learnt from the reading material and a skills question to apply this knowledge to a real-life scenario.




Students are given four (4) hours to complete the assessment once you have read the course materials.

Points Gained:

Student gain a total of 12 points for four hours’ study.