How do I enrol?

Enrolment is easy. To enrol or for further information please contact us at:
P: 02 9635 5530
Email: info@auscbt.com.au
Address: Shop 2, 144 Marsden Street PARRAMATTA, NSW 2150

Will I receive a certificate?

When you complete your course, you'll receive a document which certifies you have successfully completed your studies.

What are the benefits of online learning?

There are so many benefits to online study, check out the list below for just a handful!

    • Flexibility – All your learning materials are available for you online – you have the flexibility to enjoy lessons and study whenever and wherever you want; on a train, in a café, at home, the choice is yours.
    • Set deadlines – We believe that students learn best at their own pace, with set deadlines. You can learn, absorb and submit assignments – in accordance with the course deadlines.
    • Support – Student support is at the heart of what we do! Our friendly Student Support team can help with all your enrolment, administrative and study questions, while you Trainers and Assessors are also always happy to chat to you via email (additional charges may apply – contact ACBT for further information)

    Do the teachers have industry experience/currently work in the industry?

    Yes. Our Trainers and Assessors are highly qualified, have in-depth industry knowledge and experience, and are certified to teach.

    Who should I contact if I am unhappy with my services?

    If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service, you may either speak with one of our Student Support officers who may be able to resolve your issue immediately or escalate your matter to the Issue Phase, which will be managed by an Escalations Officer. For further information, please refer to the Student Handbook provided to you.